Important Information


Airfares are subject to availability, fare increases, rate of exchange and Regulations/ Conditions laid out by the airline.


Please ensure you recheck all booking classes, date of travel upon written acceptance of ANY reservations made.


XL Millennium Travel is not in position to provide any medical or related advice pertaining to the Covid 19 virus. Please direct medical questions to a healthcare professional and please consult reputable and up to date advisories regarding safety to travel to any particular destination and best practice precautions while travelling.


Please allow additional time to complete check in formalities at each airport.  Additional time will be required for coronavirus screening at the airport.
Many airlines have suspended flights. Please contact us for up to date information on flight schedules.
XL Millennium Travel will not be held responsible for any cancelled or suspended flights from various airlines, due to Covid 19.


If you have any questions about your insurance cover or options please contact the insurance company directly. We are not authorised to advise you on the terms of insurance and how they may apply to your individual needs or circumstances.


Should you need to cancel or change a booking, the cancellation, change and refund policies of each relevant party will apply. Airlines, Hotels, tour operators and other third party providers may impose cancellation or change fees, which XL Millennium Travel cannot alter. We cannot be held liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly suffered as a result of any cancellations or changes.


Please ensure that you are in possession of a valid passport for travel.
• It is imperative that you check this is valid when you decide to make any travel plans.
• Your passport MUST contain no less than 2/ 3 blank pages for entry and exit stamps by custom officials.
• Please ensure that you hold NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS validity on your passport after return back to South Africa. The airlines will not accept you on board or agree to transport you without such relevant documentation.
• Please ensure all relevant visas for your final destination are obtained prior to departure from your country of domicile.
It is the passenger responsibility to make sure all these items are in order and updated accordingly. XL Millennium Travel will not be held responsible or liable for this although we will do all possible to assist you in this process.