About Us


Our mission is
  to empower women in the travel industry to achieve greatness…


With our expertise, commitment and quality of service, we demonstrate flexibility, innovation and quality, which, in turn will enhance the growth of the business, achieve market-leadership and maintain relationships with employees and clients.


We do the right thing, even when no-one is watching. We strive to display a high standard of work ethic in an honest and fair environment .


We work collaboratively with our colleagues, our suppliers and our clients to solve problems and achieve goals.


We make mindful decisions to obtain sustainable profitability, which will help the growth of the business.


We are committed to a common goal and with respect, tolerance and patience we challenge and support one another.


We are dedicated to our company and take responsibility for our duties and our actions.


We set high standards and produce excellence in everything that we do.


We encourage the freedom to embrace change and creativity, so that our business can be in tune with society and technology.

Our story…

In 1995 Linda Benwell (now Managing Director) was approached by a travel company to open a Cape Town branch. She was later joined by Nicole Nielsen and Grace Ruivo and so the dynamic trio was born.

As a women-lead business, these ladies made the conscious decision to not only run a business with determination and passion, but more importantly, to run a business that focuses on employing and empowering women!

As the business grew, so did the team. And as we all know, with growth, comes change…including name changes and over the next few years, the company went from Millennium Travel to Sure Millennium Travel and after joining the XL Travel Group, became XL Millennium Travel.

With more than 20 years of working together, the dynamic trio, that is Linda, Nicole and Grace have turned the company they once worked for, into a family-friendly, socially responsible, successfully run partnership, co-owned with others.

They get up every morning, not just to come to work, but to inspire, to develop, to lead, to nurture their team of passionate, skilled and driven travel agents, conference coordinators and administrators that are not just their staff, but their team…their family.