Emirates relaunched its Dubai Connect (STPC) product this month.

The programme has introduced a new minimum transit time of 10 hours for first-, business- and economy-class passengers. Minimum fare qualifications have also changed for some regions and can be viewed on the Emirates Partners Portal.

Dubai Connect packages include hotel accommodation for passengers who meet the eligibility criteria and are transiting through Dubai for at least 10 hours but not more than 24 hours. The STPC package also includes transport between the airport and the hotel in Dubai, one meal (based on check-in time) at the allocated hotel and a UAE visa for passengers who require a visa to enter the UAE.

Passengers must be booked on the flight combination with the shortest connection to qualify – that is the connection with the shortest transit time between the origin (departure point) and the destination (arrival point).

Quotes and bookings can be managed on or via the Emirates Contact Centre.

Clients who require a PCR test on arrival will not be eligible for the Dubai Connect package.