Travel Insurance Consultants (TIC) has reviewed its position on the Travel Supplier Insolvency (TSI) benefit for South African Airways, according to a statement from the group.

For policies that are issued on or after April 21, the TSI benefit will only be available to policyholders where the policy was issued within 48 hours of the first instance of the SAA ticket being paid in part or in full. Any policy issued from April 21 onwards, where the SAA ticket was purchased more than 48 hours before, will not include TSI cover.

Uriah Jansen, md of Oojah Travel Protection, told eTNW: “We never reinstated cover for SAA supplier financial default. We do, however, provide cover if the client purchased either comprehensive or business cover within 24 hours of paying their trip deposit under the ‘cancel for any reason’ benefit. This has been our stance since November 2019 and it has not changed.”

Tamarin Prins, strategic assistant to the head of travel at Bryte, told eTNW: “As it stands, no changes have been made and it is business as usual. All the current policy terms and conditions apply.”