As concern about the coronavirus – which has now spread to 15 countries – increases, TIC offers the following information on what is covered for travel insurance claims relating to the virus.

Sales and marketing manager, Simmy Micheli, says all TIC policy-holders are fully covered for emergency medical and related expenses should the traveller contract the coronavirus on a journey.

“Disinclination to travel will not be covered,” adds Simmy explaining that clients will not be reimbursed by TIC if they cancel their journeys due to concern, apprehension or anxiety about the virus.

“Should the coronavirus lead to flight cancellations or travel bans issued by the World Health Organization, then the traveller will be covered by TIC’s ‘unspecified event cancellation cover’ provided they purchased their travel insurance within 48 hours of paying for their trip. Unspecified event cancellation cover is available on Leisure Comprehensive and Business policies. TIC will cover the non-refundable amounts/portions of the travel arrangements for passengers who qualify for this cover,” explains Simmy.

Currently WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travellers. In case of symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness either during or after travel, travellers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share their travel history with their healthcare provider.