The Women to Women Bursary
XL Millennium funds this bursary programme to assist disadvantaged young ladies who are studying Travel and Tourism at Northlink College. This bursary offers more than just financial support for the student, it also offers an 18 month internship within the company. The internship focuses on assisting the young women with transitioning from student to business. The students get involved in various departments of the business, allowing them to find their own niche. Once they find their niche, XL Millennium work with the students to help them gain the knowledge and skills to grow in the travel and tourism industry. As a women-run company, we pride ourselves in focusing on developing young women and helping them to achieve success in the industry. We also offer permanent positions to the interns, where available.

From left: Erin Nelson, Bernalee Daniels and Bernadine Brander

Jacqueline: How did you get the internship at XL Millennium?

Bernadine: Northlink College told us about the XL Millennium bursary which could cover the cost for the City and Guilds International Tourism qualification.  None of us could afford the fees, so we applied for the bursary. After completing the interview process, we were told that we had been successful.

Jacqueline: You have all spent a year at XL Millennium now, what has been the best part of your work experience?

Erin: The best part for me is being exposed to the three areas of the business – conferencing, travel and the delegate management for association conferences.

Bernadine: The people at XL Millennium have been the best part for me. Learning from experienced, knowledgeable colleagues has been invaluable.

Bernalee: Getting the Galileo training was definitely the best part for me and agree with Erin that being exposed to all departments has given me a good grounding.

Erin: Yes, and learning interpersonal skills has helped me with my personal growth.

Bernalee: Me too! I have definitely come out of my shell since I started with XL Millennium .

Bernadine: Thank you XL Millennium for welcoming us into the XL Millennium family. The company has opened our eyes to the broader spectrum of what the industry offers, it is not only to be a travel consultant. We are grateful and appreciative for this life-changing experience.

Jacqueline: What will you do when you finish your internship at XL Millennium?

Bernadine: I intend to study further. I want to study Project Management and also pursue my Tourism degree. XL Millennium has made me realise my passion for coordinating and being trained by the best will give me credibility in the industry.

Erin: I would like to start working as a conference coordinator and study project management part-time.

Bernalee: I will be studying further with a view to being on the educating side of Tourism. I would like to be a teacher.

Jacqueline: Wow, you have all definitely grown up so much since the day you arrived at XL Millennium.  I am so pleased that we have influenced your lives in a positive way.