Be it topless tourists or dressed-up locals looking to make a quick buck, Rome is fed up with the dark side of overtourism.

City authorities will be cracking down on idiotic behaviour stemming from the tourism industry, like people jumping into the city’s famous Trevi Fountain to messy eating on the steps of historical monuments to men walking around without a shirt on.

Other rules include a ban on luggage with wheels at ancient sites, no lip-touching of the metal tips at public water fountains and no public eating. 

But it’s not just the tourists being targeted, reports The Telegraph – certain local players in the industry will also face the music.

Actors who dress up in fake legionary costumes, charging tourists for photos, will also be banned, as well as pub-crawl tours and operators selling skip-the-queue tickets for sites like the Colosseum.

There will also be a ban on hanging laundry outside on wires across the streets and musical performances on public transport will also be a no-go. 

Those who contravene these orders could face fines and even bans from the area where the offence was done, but there are questions around how effectively the new rules will be enforced. 

“Rome is, and always will be, welcoming, but that does not mean tolerating bad behaviour and damage being done to our city,” Virginia Raggi, the mayor of Rome, tells The Telegraph.

So when in Rome, don’t act like you’re in Rome.