Headed by Jo-Anne Jenneker, XL Millennium front office manager, our “Tree of Joy” Easter initiative was a great success. Thanks to the generous children and parents of Pinelands Norths Primary School we collected just over 3000 Easter eggs.

Our beneficiaries where  Bimbo Educare, Angels of Heaven Educare, Care bears Educare, Little Rascals, Teletubbies , Educare , Little Stars Educare , Little Smurfs Educare, Silvertown Educare, Disneyland Educare and Noxolo Educare.

There were 100’s of little ones who were extremely happy and grateful for all their Easter eggs.

About the “Tree of Joy” initiative

The aim of the project is to help make disadvantaged children’s festive seasons special, by giving them gifts at Christmas time, Easter Eggs at Easter and so forth. The “Tree of Joy” project has grown exponentially in the 20 years of existence. The company has partnered with schools in Cape Town and together, the young ones participate by donating and purchasing toys which are then handed out to the under privileged children in the less fortunate areas. We believe that this initiative not only helps the less fortunate, but also educates the fortunate, which is something we pride ourselves in.