Airlink’s scheduled services to Polokwane are being disrupted when there is low cloud around the airport, due to the unavailability of the airport’s instrument landing system (ILS).

An ILS is an essential ground-based landing aid used by pilots to accurately and safely guide aircraft to the runway during inclement weather and poor visibility. ILSs require regular calibration to validate their accuracy.  This task is performed by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) using a specially equipped calibration aircraft.

As SACAA’s calibration aircraft is currently unserviceable and the certification of the Polokwane ILS has now lapsed, flights may only land and take off from the airport when visibility is good.

“Airlink is working closely with the SACAA and Polokwane Airport management to mitigate the impact of any disruption and to expedite the calibration of the ILS,” says Airlink ceo and md, Rodger Foster.

Passengers should contact their booking agent, or the Airlink Agent Helpline on 011 451 7350 for updated information on their flight, or visit