Maureen is a retired Cape Town resident that walks to the Company Gardens every afternoon at about 4pm to feed the feral cats who wonder around in the gardens.

She has been assisting with feeding stray animals, specifically cats for well over 10 years. She has worked with the SPCA, Animal Anti Cruelty League and TEARS Animal Rescue for many years, and in 2017, she found her way to the cats of the Company Gardens, where she assists Collin, who feeds the cats in the morning.

Both Collin and Maureen feed the eight cats out of their own pockets, with occasional donations from tourists, who see them feeding the cats. Each cat has been named, neutered and is well looked after. Coming into contact with them, we found them passive, healthy and beautiful. They spend their days chasing pigeons and doves and their evenings, fully fed and ready for a good night’s sleep to start the new day fresh!

‘Good deeds should be done with intention and not for attention’ – this statement is a true reflection of who Maureen is. When the staff at XL Millennium heard about Maureen and what she has been doing, they were so touch by her selfless act of kindness, they decided to do the same and reached into their pockets and donated cat food, to allow Maureen to continue this caring deed.

If Maureen speaks to your heart and you’d like to assist her with a donation, you can visit her every day at the Company Gardens at 4pm, directly behind the Company Gardens Restaurant (where the cannon is).