Flying Solo

Flying Solo

11 November is Single’s Day. Originally known as ‘Bare Stick Day’ (1111), it was started by a couple of university students who wanted to celebrate singledom.

In light of this ‘holiday’, we thought we’d assist some of the single ladies (and guys) out there, with some great destination options for solo travellers.

Travelling solo is a fascinating and liberating experience that we should try at least once in our lives. Whether you’re looking for adventure or wanting to obtain your ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ moment, travelling alone is a highly recommended form of self-discovery.

Having a travel companion is great, but travelling alone is better. It means you have the freedom to create your own schedule. It means you can socialise wherever and whenever you like. It means you can relax when you please and do whatever you like, your own way!! Travelling by yourself affords you the opportunity to meet new people, form new relationships and gain lifelong friends. So, just because you’re not with a companion, doesn’t mean you’ll be alone. And although the world can be intimidating, travelling alone isn’t as complicated or dangerous as it seems. Do your research, read travel blogs, but don’t let the media put you off from this experience. Our world is a beautiful and captivating place, with plenty of safe places and spaces to travel, especially for females.


If religious temples and volcanic mountains are your vibe, then the Indonesian island of Bali is where you want to be. Although popular for its yoga and tranquil retreats, Bali has great nightlife, tourist attractions, and great resort towns. (From R10 900.00 for 8 days)


In the mood to explore the desert on a camel or get enticed by exotic spices and vibrant souks? Morocco is just what you need. This diverse, cultural haven is just what you need for a solo adventure. Although filled with historical treasures, Morocco also has a plethora of outdoor sports, such as golf, hiking and an array of water sports. You will probably also catch yourself taking slow walks down the narrow streets, watching as the humble craftsmen gets ready for a day on the market. (From R15 600.00 for 10 days)


Tulips, windmills and canals are only some of the amazing activities you can experience in this historically modern country. Holland is rich in history and very well preserved. You have museums filled with famous artists in Amsterdam, you can visit one of the many theatres in The Hague or even take a bike ride across the countryside, whatever you do, just know that it’ll be a whimsical experience for anyone who visits. (From R17 000.00 for 8 days)


If you’re looking to fly solo (or with a partner), just email or for more information on these destinations and many more. You can also contact Moses & Sonia on (+27)11 453 1401

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